Father / Coach.

Thank you for all these years. I couldn´t wished for a better dad and a better coach.
You taught me everything. How to walk. How to run. How to jump. How to throw. You formed be to the decathlete I am today. Nobody could have done it better than you and I am happy that we have done this journey side by side since I was a kid. Through my whole carrier, you have been my head coach, but not just that. You have teached me how to live & be an athlete, on and off track. All the routines, details, the easy things, the complicated stuffs, physically, mentally, everything. Without your knowledge I wouldn´t have come this far at this age.
We have shared so many moments together. Most good ones, but also the more boring ones. We started in Nynäshamn, I was 7 years old and did my first competition. I beat everyone, and ran straight over to you, happy. You were proud. What we know was that I had talent, but what we didn´t know was everything we were gonna go through 17 years later. All the countries we have visited, competed in. Every training camp. All the Championships. All our victories, our losses. I remember some of them extra well. When I was 10 you told me a record in Gävle was 4.74m in long jump, I had 4.70m into the last round. I somehow jumped 5.01m after that, +2.3m/s but still. When I was 18 I did a surgery in the knee after an accident, you were worried and put pressure to the doctor: He MUST jump 7.50 and 2.05m and so on in the future, is it possible after this, will the knee be good? Yes, the doctor said. I lost 1dm in the high jump and was bad in long jump the year after. Flush the time further 12 months, when I was 20, we increased from 7.06-7.81m and 1.94-2.04m, I think you were not so worried now haha. In 2017 we took a medal in the U23 European Championships, one of the few times I didn´t listened to you. You wanted me to quit because of my injuries, I said hell no, I want this medal, and against all odds we succeeded with a Silver medal around the neck. A moment to stay forever. I remember some of the most emotional moments, like when I cleared 5m for the first time in pole vault, you were extremely happy. All the times you have screamed or just clenched your fist in the air after a good jump or a good throw. The time I cleared 2m for the first time, our hug. When we scored 8000 points for the first time. All the times we have been in the flow mode and everything is just rolling in our way. Our first Swedish Champion title. It´s some more now. The indoor Europeans were we were so close that senior medal, but still competed at our highest level ever so far. We have climbed all the way up to the worlds biggest stage, facing the worlds best in my event. You and me as a team have been incredible strong. And of course little brother Jakob also has been a big part of that as he has been in the team, pushing me to develop year by year so he wouldn´t beat me in the future. You can´t let little brother beat you.
Time changes and one year can go fast. When Jakob last year decided to go 100% for the javelin throw, it was a big change for me, for us. I have done mostly all of the training by my own, and as an decathlete it´s hard. This year we have lost little bit of the fire in our eyes me and dad, when the team kind of divided. The happiness and motivation to push forward has got a turn sometimes, stumbling little. Setbacks, and that we are alone all the time has been a challenging fact to face for us as a team, and we feel like something has to be changed to develop and be the best versions of us out on the field. Therefore, we has together decided that I needed something new in the everyday life for the next seasons and my carrier. New environment, a new voice, some new exercises and stuffs that can hopefully help me even more to keep climbing on the worlds stage.
Important to point out, this is not the end or a goodbye. Father is still with me as a help coach & also as a competition coach. We are still a team, just with a new head coach for me – Yannick Tregaro. With his skill and passion, it was not a hard choice when we decided who the new voice could- and should be. I have now been in Gothenburg for 3.5 weeks, working harder than ever into the 2020 season. This is hopefully a good step and a good change for us all, which hopefully leads to more successes and good memories out on the field. I´m more motivated than I have been for a long time, and feeling happy when I train. Now let´s keep moving to the goal. 2020.